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01 Aug 2014

Shonkoff et al. 2014. Environmental public health dimensions of shale and tight gas development. download

10 Jul 2014

Jackson 2014. The integrity of oil and gas wells. A commentary on recently released Ingraffea et al (2014) study. download

30 Jun 2014

Ingraffea et al. 2014. Assessment and risk analysis of casing and cement impairment in oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania, 2000–2012. PNAS. read more

State of the Science

Thur. 24 Jul  2014
CSIS assesses the economic  and energy impacts of EPA's new power plant emission standards

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Thur. 05 Jun 2014

Canada's 500,000 leaking wells are threat to human health and the environment. read report

Drilling California: A Reality Check on the Monterey Shale

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Shale and Tight Gas Literature Citation Database

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The Solutions Project

See how your state can transition to 100% Renewable Energy and easily forward the plan to your governor

  • See the benefits of a 100% renewable energy plan in your state
  • Forward a state plan to your governor
  • Keep up to date on scientific research in renewable energy
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Nuclear Waste Disposal: A Cautionary Tale for Shale Gas Development. Commentary by WM Alley (National Ground Water Association, USA), JA Cherry (Univ. Guelph), BL Parker (Univ Guelph), and MC Ryan (Univ. Calgary) published in EOS. read more

Fracking 101

A new video created as part of the "Dear Governor Hickenlooper" project in Colorado, feat. Dr. Tony Ingraffea

Fracking 101 from Dear Governor Hickenlooper on Vimeo.

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