About PSE Healthy Energy

PSE Healthy Energy is a non-profit science and policy institute dedicated to supplying evidence-based, scientific information and resources on the environmental, public health, and climate dimensions of energy production and use.  Our work predominantly focuses on oil and gas development (e.g., "fracking" and enhanced oil recovery), renewable energy, and energy storage.  We have offices in Oakland, CA, Ithaca, NY, and New York, NY that house our positive, high output team. PSE Healthy Energy's mission is to bring scientific transparency and clarity to energy policy discussions, helping to level the playing field for citizens, advocacy groups, the media, policy makers, and politicians by generating, translating, and disseminating scientific information. No other interdisciplinary collaboration of physicians, scientists, and engineers exists to focus specifically on health and sustainability at the intersection of energy science and policy.


We are a team that works hard, thinks big, gets stuff done, and has fun together while doing it. 

Current openings:


All hiring is currently on hold until mid-2017. Please check back for updates on future openings.




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