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New Marcellus Development Boom Will Triple Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Sector

Report forecasts thousands of new natural gas wells.


Noise Pollution from Oil and Gas Development May Harm Human Health

Noise from heavy equipment such as drills, pumps, and compressors to extract liquefied gas from ground sources like shale and tight sands may increase health risks for adjacent communities, a new study found.


Noise Pollution from Oil and Gas Development May Harm Human Health

Our latest publication explores the potential for adverse health outcomes, such as cardiovascular disease and sleep disturbance, caused by noise exposure from unconventional oil and gas development (UOGD), including hydraulic fracturing.


For Some California Kids, Back-to-School Means Back To The Dangers of Fracking Wells

As of this week, American kids are back in the classroom. Some-with summer still on their minds-will gaze longingly out the window, wishing to be anywhere but school. In Kern County, California, where 10 school districts sit less than a mile from fracking wells, that view is often obstructed by a giant metal beak bobbing up and down to extract natural gas. 


Vancouver Sun: Fracking has many potential pitfalls

Ben Parfitt has written a comprehensive article on the hazards associated with earthquakes caused by the fracking process needed for LNG. A comprehensive study was recently published by Jake Hays and Seth Shonkoff in the journal PLoS (Public Library of Science). 

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