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Statement on California Air Resources Board (CARB) Methane Regulations

PSE Healthy Energy's comments on California Air Resources Board's (CARB) proposed Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Facilities.

Letter to U.S. EPA re: Regulation of methane emissions from oil and gas development

2 Feb 2015
PSE Healthy Energy provides comment on the forthcoming federal regulations aimed at addressing methane emissions from oil and gas systems in a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

Letter to Governor Martin O'Malley re: Decision to Move Forward with Shale Gas Development in Western Maryland

Dec 16 2014

PSE Letter to PA DEP re: Mars Area School Permitting Decision

PSE Letter to NYS DOH Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah

18 Feb 2014

This letter specifically thanks the New York State Department of Health Commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah, for his diligence and care in reviewing the scientific literature relevant to the public health dimensions of shale gas development. 

Gangplank to a Warm Future

PSE Healthy Energy
29 July 2013
Anthony Ingraffea

Many concerned about climate change, including President Obama, have embraced hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. In his recent climate speech, the president went so far as to lump gas with renewables as "clean energy."

Physicians, Scientists & Engineers Question the Obama Administration's Decision to Hand Control of EPA Pavillion, WY Groundwater Study Over to the State of Wyoming with Funding From Encana Corp

24 June 2013

Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSE) believes the Obama Administration's decision to hand control of their Pavillion, WY groundwater study over to the state of Wyoming with funding from the O&G industry will result in an investigation that lacks credibility and will promote public distrust. This development aims to ignore the EPA 2011findings that evidence of fluids associated with gas development was found in a groundwater aquifer.

PSE Sign On Letter to President Obama re: LNG Export Facilities

13 December 2012

PSE facilitated a petition signed by over one hundred medical and public health professionals that urges the Obama Administration to delay any decisions regarding the construction of new liquified natural gas (LNG) terminals for the large scale exportation of shale gas to foreign nations. New LNG export facilities will accelerate shale gas development in the United States and the potential for harm to health and the environment from this novel energy production method has not been fully examined. More rigorous scientific and epidemiologic studies are needed before the Administration makes any significant policy decisions related to shale gas production and exportation.

Testimony: Robert W. Howarth, Ph.D. at Forum on Hydraulic Fracturing (Sen. Avella, NYS Senate Democrats)

18 Jul 2012
Robert Howarth

New York, NY. Written testimony of Robert Howarth Ph.D. at forum held by Senator Avella and Senate Democrats in NYC.

Testimony: Robert W. Howarth, Ph.D. before the Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and Procurement Reform, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives

31 May 2012

Washington, DC. Prof. Robert W. Howarth, Ph.D. was invited to testify before Congress on May 31, 2012 on the environmental and public health consequences of hydraulic fracturing.

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