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The Times Leader: Gas prices, production expected to grow

"A tripling of Marcellus-related greenhouse gas emissions will dramatically increase Pennsylvania's contribution to the region's climate impact."


Westlake Bay Village Observer: Ohio's energy sources: Coal mining

According to PSE Healthy Energy, a non-profit and policy think tank that supplies evidence-based, scientific information and resources, the Avon Lake power plant is Ohio's dirtiest and deadliest. The plant has the second highest total emissions of sulfur dioxide in the country. 


Environmental Leader: Marcellus Shale Basin: Wealth of Natural Gas is Attracting Manufacturers and More Carbon

If natural gas production in Pennsylvania were to double, then greenhouse gas emissions would triple compared to 2012 levels.


New Marcellus Development Boom Will Triple Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Sector

Report forecasts thousands of new natural gas wells.


Phys.Org: Noise pollution from fracking may harm human health

Fracking creates noise at levels high enough to harm the health of people living nearby, according to the first peer-reviewed study to analyze the potential public health impacts of ambient noise related to fracking. 

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