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Hazardous Chemicals Go Unregulated in Routine Oil and Gas Operations


New Marcellus Development Boom Will Triple Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Sector

Report forecasts thousands of new natural gas wells.


Noise Pollution from Oil and Gas Development May Harm Human Health

Our latest publication explores the potential for adverse health outcomes, such as cardiovascular disease and sleep disturbance, caused by noise exposure from unconventional oil and gas development (UOGD), including hydraulic fracturing.


Study: The energy storage and renewables revolution can create benefits for air quality and environmental justice –- if sited and deployed correctly

A new study from PSE Healthy Energy and UC Berkeley provides an innovative policy framework that proposes the incorporation of measurements of local air quality, and analysis of the existing socioeconomic and environmental health burden on nearby communities, into decisions are made to procure new peak demand grid technology or to dispatch energy. 


Announcement by North American Leaders Expresses Important Alignment on New Energy and Climate Commitments, Regulations on Methane Leakage from Oil & Gas

At the North American Leaders' Summit in Ottawa yesterday, the leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada announced a set of climate, energy and environmental agreements that will unite the efforts of the continent's governments on a path toward cleaner energy and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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