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CBS: Come Central Valley Orchards Irrigated With Oilfield Wastewater

You've likely seen them when out food shopping and if you have kids you've probably bought some of those tangerines or grapes. Well, it turns out there's something about them - and some other California grown fruits and nuts - that might surprise you.


Times Live (South Africa): 84% of public health studies find hazards in fracking: research

A new meta-study, published by the online journal PloS One, has found that 84% of environmental health studies on unconventional natural gas development published from 2009-2015 contain findings which indicate public health risks. The South African government announced in March that exploration for shale gas would begin in the next financial year.


InsideClimate News: Researchers Find No Shortcuts for Spotting Wells That Leak the Most Methane

It is difficult, if not impossible, to predict which oil and gas wells will emit large amounts of methane, a comprehensive study of more than 8,000 active facilities across the U.S. finds.


The Nation: Global Warming's Terrifying New Chemistry

Our leaders thought fracking would save our climate. They were wrong. Very wrong.


Politico: Everyone wants to plug into the energy bill

The Energy Policy Modernization Act will be the first update of U.S. energy policy since 2007, and senators can't wait to attach their favorite ideas to the bill. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Maria Cantwell toiled in the Energy and Natural Resources Committee to keep third-rail provisions out of the law, and they succeeded in achieving a substantial bipartisan victory. But now that the bill is on the Senate Floor, Murkowski, Cantwell, and their party leadership will be working overtime to craft a bill that can actually pass.

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