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The Weirton Daily Times: Gas production worries environmentalists

A report from PSE Healthy Energy projects that greenhouse gas emissions in Pennsylvania will triple if natural gas production is boosted.


The Times Leader: Gas prices, production expected to grow

"A tripling of Marcellus-related greenhouse gas emissions will dramatically increase Pennsylvania's contribution to the region's climate impact."


Westlake Bay Village Observer: Ohio's energy sources: Coal mining

According to PSE Healthy Energy, a non-profit and policy think tank that supplies evidence-based, scientific information and resources, the Avon Lake power plant is Ohio's dirtiest and deadliest. The plant has the second highest total emissions of sulfur dioxide in the country. 


Environmental Leader: Marcellus Shale Basin: Wealth of Natural Gas is Attracting Manufacturers and More Carbon

If natural gas production in Pennsylvania were to double, then greenhouse gas emissions would triple compared to 2012 levels.


Phys.Org: Noise pollution from fracking may harm human health

Fracking creates noise at levels high enough to harm the health of people living nearby, according to the first peer-reviewed study to analyze the potential public health impacts of ambient noise related to fracking. 

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