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Greentech Media: The Public Health Case for Energy Storage

A new study proposes storage and demand response to avoid extra air pollution while meeting peak demand.


PRI Living on Earth: America's Deadly Power Plants

Pollution from power plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2015 caused up to 4,400 premature deaths across the country, according to a new study. And the health damages of these 77 plants cost an estimated 38 billion dollars, mostly in already disadvantaged communities. Elena Krieger of PSE Healthy Energy and host Steve Curwood discuss the disturbing death toll of fossil fuel power plants.


Grist: Pollution from power plants in two states killed thousands of people last year

An estimated 2,300 people in the United States died prematurely because of Pennsylvania's power plants just last year, according to a study out Thursday. Across the border in Ohio, power plants claimed another 2,130 lives last year. The healthcare bill for people suffering from power plants in both states hit $40 billion.


Center for Public Integrity: 'It just ruined everything--the whole life'

Feeling abandoned by state regulators, hundreds of rural Pennsylvanians endure contaminated well water they blame on fracking.


Inside Climate News: 'Threat Map' Aims to Highlight the Worst of Oil and Gas Air Pollution

Environmentalists have launched a new mapping tool that allows people in the U.S. to see whether they live and work in areas at risk of harmful air pollution from nearby oil and gas activities.

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