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Scientists Sign-On Letter to Governor Cuomo

15 Sep 2011

This letter was initiated by Dr. Howarth and signed by fifty-nine scientists from around the world with expertise in water treatment systems, aquatic chemistry or biogeochemistry, and/or with the movement and fate of toxic or radioactive materials. The letter expresses concern that municipal drinking water filtration systems are not designed to adequately remove chemicals and other contaminants used in hydraulic fracturing should such toxins end up in the water supply. It was delivered to Governor Cuomo on September 15, 2011.

Testimony: Dr. Adam Law at NYS Assembly Public Hearing on Hydraulic Fracturing

26 May 2011

Albany NY. Assembly Public Hearing on Health Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques. NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation.

Physicians Sign-On Letter to Governor Cuomo

Oct 5, 2011

Sign-on Letter to Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo regarding human health impacts of high-volume hydraulic fracturing

Science Summaries

PSE Science Summaries offer downloadable and printable summaries of the current state of knowledge for a variety of energy and environment issues, including climate change, air and water impacts, human health, and sustainability. All pamphlets are available free-of-charge.

Fracking 101

An illustrated video short created as part of the "Dear Governor Hickenlooper" project in Colorado feat. Dr. Tony Ingraffea

The Science of Fracking: Inquiring Minds Podcast

The Science of Shale Gas/Oil: The Latest Evidence on Leaky Wells, Methane Emissions, and Energy Policy

Anthony Ingraffea
Tony Ingraffea presents at Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences Energy Colloquia at Purdue University, October 27 2015.
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