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Howarth: Some Scientific Failings with the Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Statement

Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy
30 Nov 2011
Robert Howarth

Statement submitted by Robert Howarth, Ph.D. regarding the New York State draft SGEIS. Howarth's comments focus on the greenhouse gas footprint of shale gas and the water quality problems associated with shale gas.

Statement on dSEIS for Proposed LPG Storage Facility

Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy
11 Oct 2011

PSE's statement on the proposed Seneca Lake LPG facility, which finds that Inergy's dSEIS for the proposed liquid propane gas storage facility at Seneca Lake inadequately addresses potential impacts on both the environment and the community more.

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PSE Science Summaries offer downloadable and printable summaries of the current state of knowledge for a variety of energy and environment issues, including climate change, air and water impacts, human health, and sustainability. All pamphlets are available free-of-charge.

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