Jake Hays, Director, Environmental Health Program

M.A. Environmental Philosophy, University of Montana; B.A. Philosophy, Connecticut College.


Jake Hays has worked at PSE Healthy Energy since 2011. As the Director of the Environmental Health Program Jake has been responsible for reviewing and evaluating a broad distribution of scientific literature, writing commentaries and review articles, supervising descriptive epidemiologic studies, lecturing, providing oral and written testimony, designing conferences, and facilitating a number of other projects focused on energy production, public health, and the environment. Jake lives in New York City and works as a Research Associate at Weill Cornell Medicine. He is also currently pursuing a J.D. at Fordham University School of Law, where he serves as a board member of the Environmental Law Advocates and Senior Articles Editor for the Environmental Law Review.


Selected Publications


  • Hays J, McCawley M, Shonkoff SBC. (2017) Public health implications of environmental noise associated with unconventional oil and gas development. Science of the Total Envrionment. 512-513:36-42.
  • Shonkoff SBC, Hays J, Hill LA, Krieger E, Hughes D, Hosang N, Law A. (2016). Trump: Renewables for Self-Sufficiency. Nature. 540:341.
  • Hays J, Shonkoff SBC. (2016) Toward an Understanding of the Environmental and Public Health Impacts of Unconventional Natural Gas Development: A Categorical Assessment of the Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature, 2009-2015. PLOS ONE. 11(4): e0154164.  
  • Finkel M, Hays J, Law A. (2015) Unconventional natural gas development and human health: thoughts from the United States. Medical Journal of Australia. 203(7):294-96. 
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  • Hays J, de Melo-Martín I. (2014) Ethical concerns surrounding unconventional oil and gas development and vulnerable populations. Reviews on Environmental Health. 29(4):275-276.  
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