Renee Santoro, Program Director, Environment-Energy Nexus

B.S. Environmental Science, Cornell University.


Renee is the Program Director of the Energy and Environment Program. She came to PSE with 5 years of research and modeling experience with Cornell University, where her work focused on the environmental and climate consequences of first generation biofuels and shale gas. Her current research focuses on life-cycle emission inventories, energy balances, climate implications of fossil fuel supply chains, risk analysis of wellbore integrity and other engineered systems, and spatial analysis of environmental impacts of fossil energy systems.


Ingraffea, A.R., M.T. Wells, R.L. Santoro, S.B.C. Shonkoff. (2014). Assessment and risk analysis of casing and cement impairment in oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania, 2000-2012. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1323422111.


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Howarth, R. W., R. Santoro, and A. Ingraffea.  2011.  Methane and the greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas from shale formations.  Climatic Change Letters, doi: 10.1007/s10584-011-0061-5. 


Santoro, R., R. W. Howarth, and A. Ingraffea. 2011. Indirect emissions of carbon dioxides from Marcellus shale gas development. A technical report of the Agriculture, Energy, and Environment Program at Cornell University.


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