Open Access Journals

Public access to academic papers and data has grown in recent years thanks to a growing number of open access journals. While there are still large differences in the availability of open access research across various scientific fields, the gaps are slowly narrowing.


Here, we provide a listing of the most influential open access journals as measured by 2012 SCImago Journal Ranks (SJR). SJR measures a journals visibility and influence within their scientific fields based on the number of citations received by journal and the influence of the studies which cite the journal (read more here). Here, we report the SJR quartiles, where 1 indicate a journal ranked in the field's highest quartile and 4 indicates a the lowest rank journals.


This list will be added to as we continue to assess the wide range of open access journals currently available.

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Title Publisher ISSN SJR Country
New England Journal of Medicine Mass Medical Society 00284793 Q1 USA
Environmental Health Perspectives NIEHS/NIH 00916765 Q1 USA
Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics EGU 16807316 Q1 DEU
Ecology & Society The Resilience Alliance 17083087 Q1 CAN
Hydrology & Earth Systems Sciences EGU 10275606 Q1 DEU
Environmental Health BioMed Central 1476069x Q1 GBR
Environmental Research Letters Institute of Physics Publishing 17489318 Q1 GBR
Intl Journal of Environ Research & Public Health MDPI 16604601 Q2 CHE
Energies MDPI 19961073 Q2 CHE
Sustainability MDPI 20711050 2014 review CHE
Atmosphere MDPI 20734433 2014 review CHE
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