Lee Ann Hill, Program Associate, Environmental Health Program

M.P.H. Environmental Health Sciences, University of California, Berkeley; B.S. Environmental Science, Ithaca College.


Lee Ann Hill joined PSE Healthy Energy in 2016 as part of the Environmental Health Program. Lee Ann has worked in academic, advocacy, industry, and government settings on topics related to energy, material safety, and public health. Her research has focused on environmental and human health impacts of oil and gas and chemical fate and transport.


Lee Ann received her Master's in Public Health from University of California, Berkeley with a concentration in Environmental Health Sciences. She also holds her Bachelor's in Environmental Science from Ithaca College with a concentration in Pollution Science: Local and Global Perspectives.


Selected Publications:

  • Shonkoff SBC, Hays J, Hill L, Krieger E, Hughes D, Hosang N, Law A. 2016. Trump: Renewables for Self-Sufficiency. Nature. 540:341.
  • Sinton CW, Hill L, Zerbian C. 2015. Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Sediments Downstream from the Ithaca Gun Superfund Site. Northeastern Geoscience. 33:1-33.
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